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About Wallaceline

Wallaceline was founded by Edwin Reijntjes in 2011. After a long corporate career in the UK & Europe with leading international (professional) staffing & recruitment organisations he decided to start Wallaceline. Wallaceline as the leading specialist in growing (professional) staffing organisations into Europe and empower recruitment entrepreneurs to bring new recruitment concepts to market.

Four main reasons to start Wallaceline:

1. The importance of organizing local client handling and local - native speaking - staff and management. In general there is also the lack of knowledge of the local market (structure), compliancy rules and cultural differences between the different European countries and UK and US based (professional) staffing organisations.

2. Not all staffing & recruitment agencies do have the (financial) resources or expertise to execute on their European ambitions with internal staff.

3. Edwin's experience in working in an anglo saksen culture and environment and how to bridge the differences with the different European country cultures.

4. A lot of (potential) recruitment entrepreneurs do not have the expertise and/or funds to start their own business and therefore stay at their employer and get frustrated. Waist of talent!