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Wallaceline Concept

Dare to cross the Wallace Line 

Your recruitment organisation and the European world with all its cultures, languages and compliancy rules.. Different worlds, so close and yet so far away, separated by a natural boundaries

You as a born recruitment entrepreneur still working for someone else and thinking how it would be to start your own business. So close and yet so far away.

Who dares to cross the line and explore the opportunities? Crossing the Wallace Line; crossing the line that separates your organisation from the European opportunities or you as an entrepreneur.

How to make "growing into Europe" a realistic opportunity for your organisation?

Building and growing a European operation requires a strategic investment. Not all staffing & recruitment agencies have the (financial) resources to implement this growth strategy with their existing internal staff, or do not have the expertise. Therefore Wallaceline offer a Non Executive Director Service that helps professional staffing & recruitment clients to expand into Europe. By sharing the costs and knowledge growing into Europe will be more affordable for (smaller) agencies. 

How to start your own business become reality?

Starting you own business requires more than a good idea and the right mentality. Not all potential recruitment entrepreneurs have the financial resources to implement the plan, or do not have the expertise. Therefore Wallaceline offer a Business Incubator service to empower recruitment entrepreneurs to bring new recruitment concepts to market.



The Wallace Line

lnea de_wallace

The Wallace Line is a boundary that separates two worlds (Asia and Australia). The line runs through Indonesia, between Borneo and Sulawesi and through the Lombok Strait between Bali (in the west) and Lombok (in the east). West of the Line are found organisms related to Asiatic species; to the east species of Australian origin are present.

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