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Our Services

- Non-Exec Service

Building and growing a European operation requires a strategic investment. Not all staffing & recruitment agencies have the (financial) resources to execute this growth strategy with existing internal staff or do not have the required expertise. Therefore, Wallaceline offer the Non Executive Director service that helps professional staffing & recruitment clients to expand into Europe.The Wallaceline Non-Exec Europe (Edwin Reijntjes) will constructively challenge and contribute to the development of the European strategy and scrutinise the performance of (local) management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and monitoring (local) senior management. The Non-Exec will also satisfy himself that financial information is accurate and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.

- Business Incubator Service

Wallaceline empower entrepreneurs to bring new recruitment concepts to market wherever they choose to build their businesses. Wallaceline provides seed funding, mentorship and an amazing network for a % equity.

- Advice and Support Service 

Wallaceline offer Advise and Support services on your terms and when you need it in case you want to operate your own Recruitment business as an entrepreneur.


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